Good Morning, Hawaii

09. December 2015 Food, Music, Run, Travel, Winter 0
Good Morning, Hawaii
According to Spotify’s Year in Music, I kicked off 2015 listening to “Good Morning Hawaii” by Kolohe Kai. Apparently I was still having withdrawals from my cousin’s surreal Maui wedding. This was my first time in Hawaii, and also my first time ever running during a vacation. It was 70°F in December and the AirBnB where I ...

My Roots in Music Philanthropy

09. November 2015 Music 0
Before I started running, music had always been my therapy. Cliché as it sounds, it has gotten me through some my worst times, and has allowed me to cherish my best times. I listen to music to invoke feelings I can’t put into words or to trigger memories I want to relive. I play music ...