Halfway Point

23. February 2016 Milestones, Run, Travel 0
Halfway Point

It’s been over a month since my last update, and a lot has happened in that time. I’m now halfway into training–week 8 of 16. Crazy to know that the London Marathon is just two months from now!

Although I’ve fallen behind a bit, I’m generally pretty happy with where I’m at in training. Some highlights since my last post:

  • Ran 10km in Paris while on vacation
  • Ran 9.5km of steep hills in Carmel Valley, California, during a business trip
  • Ran 5km on my old high school track, in SHORTS finally (because California)
  • Missed a lot of training days due to travel and jetlag
  • Ran my first weekday lunch run to Buckingham Palace, about 7km, with colleagues
  • Ran my first half marathon of the year, making my personal best time of 1:49:25
  • Took a boxercise class (ouch)
  • Ramped up yoga to twice a week; attempted a handstand (super ouch)
  • Kept up with my bi-weekly massage plan (so necessary)
  • Got more comfortable on the treadmill; using the elliptical less
  • Ran 5km into the city for a 4.5km social run + yoga with LDN Brunch Club
  • Ran my longest run this past Sunday, a painful 23km
  • Surpassed the £1,000 mark in donations–£500 to go! (Shoutout to my latest donor and fellow runner-blogger, Tom, who made the latest milestone donation!)

I wanted to write a more meaningful blog (hence the delayed post), but there are just too many updates and too many photos to sort through. It’s also 1AM and I’m tired from my run this evening. Maybe next time I’ll dive more into my deeper running thoughts, or how Spotify’s This is: Beyoncé playlist helped me power through my last half marathon. Until then, this concludes my obligatory status-update-so-you-know-I’m-still-training post.


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