Movember, Yoga, and Holiday Treats

It’s December already?! I’ve been behind on my updates and a lot has been going on, so I’ll breeze through the highlights of my training and fundraising.

Last weekend, I ran my last event of the year–the 10K MoRun Greenwich. The event was part of a series of Movember-supporting runs happening throughout the UK and Ireland.  It was an entertaining crowd, filled with ‘stache-wearing runners, men pushing their babies in strollers, trotting turkey tutus, and even dogs who were awarded the same moustache medal as all the other participants. The great atmosphere made the shivering cold and the unexpected hills a little more tolerable.

My favorite team outfits from yesterday’s 10k #MoRun.

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The next day, I ran 5K through the city streets to a free Vinyasa yoga class at Lululemon. So basic, I know… But it was a great class that left me feeling stronger and more refreshed. I used to take yoga every week, but I’ve been struggling to get back into it after breaking my left radius a year ago this month. I was unable to support any weight on my arms for a long time, but this session was the first time I felt I could do chaturangas and side planks without worrying that my arm would snap in half again or that my metal plate would shift out of place (sorry for the graphic reference). So I’m going to take the same class again tomorrow and hope that I don’t make the same mistake of going to the donut shop afterwards.

Speaking of sweets, I organized a holiday bake-off with my colleague, Drew, who is also running the London Marathon on my team for Music in Hospitals. This was our first big fundraising effort, and it was a huge success! We just made a small batch each–peppermint white chocolate chip biscuits from me and brownies from him. We got great feedback on both treats and sold out of each at exactly the same time, proving them to be equally delicious 🙂

Drew and Raisa hard at work

The most fun part about it was making a trip around the office floor, gently interrupting people we didn’t know, and receiving such positive responses. From compliments on our baked goods to marathon training tips, we were delighted by the support from and the fun conversations with our neighbors. We ended up raising over £200 each on our Virgin Money Giving pages, and an additional shared amount in cash. After this fundraiser and some generous Thanksgiving donations from friends back home, I’m happy to say that I’ve now hit 50% of my fundraising target! Thanks, everyone!

We definitely will plan for another bake sale when the new year comes along. Except we’ll probably need to change up the theme to be New Years Resolution-friendly 😉 I was thinking of making runner-friendly energy bars or some other relatively guilt-free treats. If you have any recipe ideas, feel free to send them my way or post them in the comments!

Peppermint white chocolate chip biscuits and brownies


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