Running (and learning) in Brighton

15. November 2015 Run, Tech 0
Running (and learning) in Brighton

I spent this past weekend in Brighton, a vibrant town in the beautiful southern coast of England. It’s hip, quirky, and slightly reminiscent of San Francisco, pre-tech boom.

Actually, the purpose of my trip was to attend Ampersand, a web typography conference–so it seems that Brighton, too, is making its way in digital innovation. The conference was a full day of inspiring and thought-provoking talks, shining light on new techniques for the future of web design and solutions for typography challenges.

I left feeling guilty about launching this site knowing that I didn’t bother putting much effort into the visual design (see: About). I’ll try to roll out some minor design iterations in the coming months, but my schedule has been pretty crazy. Amidst some huge projects at work, early marathon prep (physical/mental/fundraising), travel plans, and new hobbies, I think I’ve taken on a bit much for myself, considering I’m still adjusting to a completely new city. But that’s alright–it’s only daunting when I step back and overthink how much I’ve set out to accomplish. In the moment, though, I’m enjoying all these great learning and growth opportunities.


Brighton Early

I made it a point to bring my running gear on this two-night stay and take advantage of being by the sea. Until I became a Londoner, I had never lived more than 15 minutes from a beach, so I had to seize this opportunity. I set out to run a little past 7AM, with no particular route in mind. The plan was to just run along the coastal path and turn around when I feel like I’m about halfway done. Some of the best runs are the ones with no clear destination.

It was a slow run, as I was facing the consequences of post-conference drinks, heavy coastal winds, and wanting to stop for pictures every so often. Still, I managed to finish an unexpected 12K just in time to overeat at the hotel breakfast, and right  before the rain came along. So now, I leave you with this mess of unedited photos.

Abandoned pier
Cute little storage units lining the coast
Beautiful seafront gazebo
Beautiful seafront gazebo

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