Week 2 of 16 Done

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Week 2 of 16 Done

I’m loosely straddling between two 16-week marathon training programs and just finished week 2. One program is a sub-4:00 plan that I pulled out of an old Women’s Running magazine, and the other is Nike+ Coach’s “Intermediate” plan (whatever that even means). My current 1:55-ish half marathon time apparently puts me at a marathon finish time of 4:15-4:30, but I’m keeping an eye on the sub-4:00 plan for days when I can handle the extra challenge. The weekly mileage in the Nike+ program is significantly lower, so I wonder what the expected outcome is for this plan.

Throughout the week, I’ve been running the boring indoors because of the short hours of daylight. On Thursdays I take yoga class for an hour, followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical. Weekends are my long runs and my favorite part since I can finally be outdoors (despite the cold… like when I slipped and fell on ice yesterday).

Week 1 Long Run

A small lake in Finsbury Park.
A small lake in Finsbury Park.

Week 1’s long run consisted of 13.5KM in the rain. I just finished the book, Zen and the Art of Running, and was able to apply my learnings to accept the rain for what it is, not letting it disrupt my run with negative thoughts. The harder feeling for me to get through was the agony of running multiple loops around Finsbury Park. I can’t stand running laps. It makes me feel like I’m going nowhere as I pass the same sights over and over. Instead of practicing more zen on these same loops for my next long run, I decided to find a new route instead.

Week 2 Interval Run

Frosted grass and a sad tree in Regent's Park
Frosted grass and a sad tree in Regent’s Park.

Yesterday, the day before my week 2 long run, I joined lululemon run club to Regent’s Park. We ran a combined ~3KM to warm up/cool down and did little over 4KM of interval training in the park, followed by a relieving mini yoga session in their cute upstairs studio. Our group leader, Coral, really pushed us to keep up a fast pace in our intervals, and it made me realize that I haven’t been incorporating enough variety in my runs. Even though my training plans give instructions for interval runs, hill repeats, fartleks, and other specific workouts, I’ve kind of been ignoring them and just knocking out the mileage to get it over with. That attitude won’t get me very far, so it’s time to push myself even harder with my mid-week runs if I want to see any improvement.

Week 2 Long Run

Regent's Park
Back for more Regent’s Park.

Today’s long run was 17KM through Regent’s Canal, around beautiful Regent’s Park, and through unfamiliar streets all the way to the Emirates Stadium. This was my longest training run yet, and I felt no pain at all! I did get distracted with the blocking crowds of Camden Lock Market (the smell of street food was soo tempting…), and with my constant looking at my phone trying to navigate on this new route. Now that I’ve finally explored this path I’ve been meaning to try, I’m excited to run it faster the next time around.

That next time will be in two weeks, unfortunately. I have more travel planned for the next week and half, and I hope to still keep up with a reasonable amount of my training while on these trips. Looking forward to sharing those next!

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